BioGears is an open source, comprehensive, extensible human physiology engine released under the Apache 2.0 license that will drive medical education, research, and training technologies. BioGears enables accurate and consistent physiology simulation across the medical community. The engine can be used as a standalone application or integrated with simulators, sensor interfaces, and models of all fidelities. The current release version is 2.0.0-alpha.3400 (released March 20th, 2015).

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What Can BioGears Do?

Several features set BioGears above the rest:

  • BioGears includes mathematical models for a wide range of systems, medical interfaces, and substances for real-time retrieval of accurate physiology state.
  • The common data model includes standard inputs, outputs, units, conversions, and naming conventions that make model additions and product integration quick and easy.
  • Our website is a place for discussion and sharing among our community of users. Explore showcase scenarios, participate in the forums, and use the tutorials to guide BioGears integration.
  • A full-featured API, SDK, code-based documentation, and tutorial examples make BioGears easy to understand and use. Rigorous validation methods ensure accurate model output.

Community Focused includes all the documentation you will need to use and modify BioGears. We support and engage our community of users through our news, active discussion forums, access to code-based documentation, and the BioGears beta build conference to be held in the Fall of 2015.

Check it out!

BioGears uses complex mathematical models to simulate accurate human physiological response to trauma and treatment. Check out our showcase scenario to see our engine outputs and learn more about how you can use BioGears to power your medical training technologies.


Whats Next?

Easy! Get started with your new BioGears project, take a look at the documentation, and interact with our growing community over at the forums.