Software Development Kit

The Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the following:

  • The tools provided in the BioGears Toolkit
  • A collection of how-to cpp files demonstrating the use of the API
  • The headers needed by applications integrating the BioGears Engine
  • 32-bit debug and release libraries

The extracted file structure:

Software Development Kit Directory

We developed BioGears with the Microsoft Visual Studio (MSVC) 2015 complier. The BioGears code base is GCC C++11 compliant and we have provided cmake configuration files for various compilers. We currently support the following platforms, compilers, and environments:

  • Windows Visual Studio 2015 (MSVC)
  • Windows MinGW (GCC)
  • Mac Xcode (Clang)
  • Linux (GCC)
  • Raspbian for Raspberry Pi (GCC)

The Source Code is available if you would like to customize or build the project for a different platform.

We wrote executable sample C++ as well as Java methods that can be compiled and executed to demonstrate how to use the API. To execute the C++ examples, simply run cmake against the CMakeLists.txt file to create the project for your complier. Each cpp and java file is well-commented and should help explain how and why one would exercise functionality.

The BioGears Engine functionality is exposed via the Physiology Engine Interface.
All data necessary to interact with the BioGears Engine is via Common Data Model classes.