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Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) is the company developing the BioGears open source physiology engine and we are always looking for research partners and sponsors! The BioGears team is interested in talking to you about extensions and applications of BioGears, and new biomedical engineering projects.

Below, we provide downloadable information, presentations about BioGears, and our contact information.

We look forward to working together!


The BioGears team is now offering our users the ability to purchase support services in daily and weekly increments through our website! The BioGears team also currently provides free troubleshooting support and answers to your questions via our forums.

If you need help on a tough integration challenge, developing a new system or scenario, or adding your model to BioGears, our technical experts are here to help!

The purchase options below provide hourly technical support from senior members of the BioGears development team, including engineers and computer scientists. You can purchase the support in 8 and 40 hour increments. To get started, purchase a technical support package below, or contact us to discuss your support needs.

We look forward to working with you!


BioGears can power your medical education and training technologies. Feel free to share our overview flyer and overview presentation with your team or colleagues to get them interested in using BioGears!

Our team can customize the engine for your current or upcoming research program, and can work with you to integrate BioGears with your medical training tools.

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ARA’s BioGears team maintains slideshare and News pages to keep our community up-to-date. See select conference and implementation presentations below.


To learn more about integrating or using BioGears, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!