When will Mac be supported

We are a group of students from Carnegie Mellon University, we are planning to build a 3D simulator for medical students to deal with emergency situation. But currently all of our team use Mac instead of windows. We have noticed that you are about to release BioGears in early 2015. So will it be soon?

Thank you!


  • abrayabray Entry Level
    Thanks for your interest in BioGears!

    We’re currently working towards another deployment that should be pushed up in late March. This new version utilizes CMake in order to remove dependencies on Visual Studio. Our CMake files have been used to generate both MSVC 2013 projects as well MinGW make files. But we are still in the process of testing our MinGW/GCC based binaries and working all the kinks out of supporting multiple compilers.

    For this March delivery, we will not have compiled deployment targets for non-Windows platforms. We plan on having it tested for Mac and Linux systems for our next milestone in June.

    When the March deployment comes out, we could collaborate on making a working CMake build file for a Mac compiler to help speed up this milestone. Feel free to check back here or send me an email when this version comes out.
  • Hi Abray,
    I'm please to hear that, so are there any Github repository or other ways through which our team can engage in the progress of BioGears?
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