Real and simulated OpenICE medical device data as input to BioGears

At the MdPnP lab ( we have created an OpenICE interface for various medical devices ( It creates physiological waveforms from various physical medical devices as well as simulated data. A demo for all platforms can be downloaded at or on GitHub. I was wondering about the possibility of using this OpenICE output data as inputs to the BioGears model. Then BioGears users would have the option to select either simulated or real data as inputs. Please let me know if there is any interest in doing this.


  • abrayabray Entry Level
    Note this interface describes the data structures for providing input into the engine (as well as getting data from the engine)

    after you have defined your patient

  • abairdabaird Moderator
    There is absolutely interest in doing this! In terms of overwriting the ECG xml file using open ICE data that would just be a matter of replacing the existing file. Unfortunately that wave form doesn't determine a whole lot in the engine as it's running, it's more that the heart driver compresses or expands the waveform depending on what the patient is undergoing.

    We currently are creating more hardware interfaces that can be manipulated/manipulate the engine as they run, one example is the advanced modular manikin project out of university of washington. Most of these applications are involved in interpreting output (from hardware) data and then creating an action in biogears to affect the patient. Like Abray referenced the best jumping off point is the SDK for this type of application. There aren't too many ways to manipulate the patient heart rate (not from direct ECG data) but this could be something we look into in the future as we look to launch biogears virtual patients from input physiological data (like as patients are received into the ER). In this case your ICE interface could be critical in bridging the gap from hardware tracking real patient data to becoming something that BioGears could wrangle with.

    I think to actually manipulate the heart as a function of your ICE output data you would need to write a new heart driver function in the cardiovascular system that could interpret the data it sees from your devices and adjusted the heart compliance as needed. (just a rough thought....)

    The heart driver here, could get you there:

    Certainly lots of interesting possibilities and if you decide to create a demo with BioGears integration, certainly let us know!

    Thanks for the help responding Abray!

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