ICE Interface to the Common Data Model

We have an integrated medical device interface that produces simulated physiological waveforms ( Is there a way to incorporate these waveforms into the biogears data model?


  • abrayabray Entry Level
    The only waveform that BioGears, uses from an external data source, is the ECG waveform.

    BioGears is a mechanistic model, meaning that it calculates the physics of the heart and lungs pumping by circuit representations in circuits (compliance and resistance) and solving those circuits to get the pressures and flows through out the body. This allows BioGears to generate the physiologically sound waveforms that it does. So, generally, BioGears does not read in waveforms when simulating physiology. BioGears is more of a generator of waveforms, rather than a consumer.

    There are ways to drive certain fundamental aspects ofBioGears (such as respiration) through actions, and you may be able to inject waveform data into BioGears via those actions, but it really depends on what waveforms you would like to drive the system with and what kind of response you are expecting from the system.

    I think it would be pretty cool to see if BioGears can drive your interface though! That would probably be very useful to the community!

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