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I have a consistent problem building this under linux. I am trying to build on a fairly standard linux distro with cmake/ant/JDK and all that installed. I get to the point to do the ant COMPILE "ant compile -Denv=unixMake" and it complains about missing header files (data-model-schema.hxx). So I copy the missing files from the windows SRC package (which has a ton of files that don't exist in the linux SRC) and now I get another error regarding a missing "BioGearsDataModel.hxx". I can't find that file in any of the SRC packages. I am following the instructions verbatim. Anybody have a hint that could help me here?

Thanks in advance


  • An update: It appears the file(s) I am missing *ARE* in the Windows SRC package but the case is all wrong. They are all lower case files and yet the includes are looking for camel case (#include "BioGearsDataModel.hxx" but the file is biogearsdatamodel.hxx). Has anyone built the src on linux recently? I remember trying an older version of BioGears and having this same issue.

    I am guessing I can fix this by copying the missing files from the windows SRC package and renaming them to match the case in the #includes but this will certainly be time consuming. Is there another way that I am missing?
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  • Will do. Thanks for the quick reply!!
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    Hi Colmstea,

    This issue should be resolved with the new release. Also, if you are missing schema files then there is a strong possibility that you need to chmod +x the xsd file before the cmake step when building. Often times if you are running a terminal without administrator privileges then the cmake step will still say build successful but wont generate the scehma files (the error occurs at the very top of the text line).

    We just tested on a few different linux distributions and the only case sensitive file that broke the compilation step has been fixed

    Hopefully things have worked out for you, just wanted to follow up

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