CDM Tables

Something has gone wrong in the CDM Tables Documentation page. For example, the definition of Calcium is shown as: "BUN stands for blood urea nitrogen. Urea nitrogen is what forms when protein breaks down," while Glucose is defined as "Clarity of the urine." Somehow, all of the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel and Urinalysis variables have become scrambled.


  • abairdabaird Moderator
    Hey EdVcom3D! Thanks so much for bringing this issue to our attention. We've looked into it and there seems to be an issue in some of our autogenerating software that pulls data from our schema files so some of the markdown tables are broken. We probably won't be able to provide an update to this issue until the next major release. If you want the appropriate descriptions of CDM please refer to the .xsd schema files, for now, until the website is updated. Let me know if this helps!
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