autonomic nervous system control

I am a total novice regarding Biogears and wish there was a "Biogears for Dummys" book to reference.
I understand that the cardiovascular model uses a variable compliance model ( C ~ 1/P ?) but was wondering if there was heart rate and compliance control as determined by sympathetic and parasympathetic control (using actual relative time delays, response functions and sensitivities). If not, is this deemed more fine turning than necessary for gross injury modeling ?


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    Hello Hal,

    Welcome to BioGears! We do not have a book, but we do try to include as much documentation as we can regarding how the methodology works and how to use the software. We have several examples for getting started with BioGears in our SDK. Please check it out and continue to send us questions on the forums.

    To answer your physiology question, the only nervous system behavior we currently have is a baroreceptor response model. The baroreceptor model was just added for our most recent release in December. It does effect the heart rate and compliance (elastance) of the heart based on the "sympathetic" and "parasympathetic" action triggered by changes in the mean arterial pressure. As part of the project, we intend to add more nervous system functionality, including more local autoregulation features, chemoreceptor behavior, and parasympathetic and sympathetic feedback mechanisms. Unfortunately, many of these will not be released until closer to the end of 2016.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. We appreciate questions and feedback that help us improve our models.

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