Reset and Clear methods in the BioGears Engine

My program often crashes whenever I attempt to use the Reset and/or Clear methods in the BioGears engine. I'm trying to determine the proper sequence of events for resetting the simulation to its initial state after it has already previously been initialized. Can you clarify how these methods are to be used, and what I may need to do? Thanks.


  • abrayabray Entry Level
    The Reset method is only called to initialized the engine at the beginning of a run, the reset will not set the engine back to a post convergence state.
    The Clear method is used to delete all the internal memory associated in the engine (reset just invalidates values, but holds on to allocated memory)

    These methods, used outside of engine initialization and engine deconstruction, will probably have the undefined behavior you are currently seeing.

    I believe you are trying to save some time by trying to initialize once (to avoid all the convergence time) against a patient, and reuse that engine.
    Unfortunately, there currently is no way to save off the initialized (converged) state of the engine and 'reset' back to that state and run different actions.
    You will have to initialized the engine all over again.

    In the future we do hope to support the ability to save engine state at any time and be able to restore that state on a clean engine, but we are just not there at this time.
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